Edison's Children is an "Epic Rock" trio combining the songwriting talents of
Pete Trewavas (famed for Marillion / Transatlantic and winner of PROG! Magazine's 2018 bassist of the year)
Rick Armstrong (Son of the 1st Man on the Moon - Neil Armstrong & Live Performer with Roger McGuinn & Steve Rothery Band)
Eric Blackwood (Hollywood Special FX guru from the rock bands Sunblister Crimson Steel Blackwood & Foti)

The haunting images that surround their music are brought to life by Wendy "Darling" Blackwood who not only does Backing Vocals
but all of the "Randomly Disturbing" artwork and photography associated with Edison's Children

On Drums, Edison's Children features:
Henry Rogers - The "King of the Kit" Henry is a 3 time Classic Rock Society award winner for World's Best Drummer
Lisa Wetton - Edison's Children's original Drummer has returned after taking care of her late husband, the great John Wetton
Chris Mack - Iluvatar's star drummer and the drummer for the NFL Baltimore Ravens Half Time shows
Mark Prator - Former Iced Earth Drummer, Mark has become John Wesley's star drummer and appears on the upcoming EC live album
Superstar Guests have included: John Wesley (Porcupine Tree); Steve Hogarth (Marillion); Robin Boult (Fish);
Steve Rothery (Marillion); Andy Ditchfield (DeeExpus); Dean Morekas (Iluvatar); Mark Kelly (Marillion);
Anna Koropchak (Apothocary); Mike Gusway (4 Block Empire); Dennis Mullin (Iluvatar); Ian Mosley (Marillion)

After 4 epic albums / 2 EPs and a "Making of CD"...
The music of Edison's Children
has been classified as:
"Haunting Progressive Rock"
"Epic Prog Rock"
"Symphonic Rock"
"Sci-Fi Rock"
"Pink Floydian-Rock"
"Maynard/Tool Rock"
"Space Rock"

All of it encompasses the band's unique style which seems to draw on all of these
styles while not specifically any particular one for very long. In fact their style
is so unique that every time they are bestowed a new "genre" by Prog Magazine or
Prog Archives... they seem to outgrow it & evolve into something even more exciting.

This has kept their fiercely loyal legion of fans enthusiastic to see what
comes next ..

Edison's Children is an intense rock band which creates Epic soundscapes
combining symphonic instrumentation with raw guitar driven energy to take
their fans on hour+ long journey's which will leave you at the end feeling
like you just survived the greatest storm of your life.

Albums Engineered by Pete Trewavas Eric Blackwood / Mixed by John Mitchell (Arena / Frost) Mike Hunter (Marillion)
Robin Boult (Fish) Jakko Jaksyzk (King Crimson / Steve Hackett) Pete Trewavas
Remastering Engineer and Vinyl Mastering Engineer: Andy VanDette - Engine Room Audio

Pete Trewavas
Rick Armstrong
Eric Blackwood
Henry Rogers
Lisa Wetton

Wendy Darling

Rita K. Drew - President
Sven Henriksen - Vice Pres
Scott Brownstone -
Stephanie Bradley -

Jon Wesley (Porcupine Tree)
Mark Prator (Iced Earth)
Chris Mack (Iluvatar)
Dean Morekas (Iluvatar)
Robin Boult (Fish)
Dennis Mullin (Iluvatar)
Ian Mosley (Marillion
h (Marillion)
Steve Rothery (Marillion)
Mark Kelly (Marillion)
Mike Gusway (4 Block Empire)
Anna Koropchak (Apothacary)
Andy Ditchfield (DeeExpus)