Edison's Children Album #3

With the anticipation of a new Marillion album on the horizon, we are going to hold back for just a short while on our next concept album. That doesn't mean however... that we don't have something very special to hold you over until the next epic is complete...  We present our new "bridge album" to take you from Edison's Children's last epic to out next, entitled:


is a non-conceptual album featuring several songs that have been kicking around the E.C. laboratory for a few years but will doubtfully ever see the light of day otherwise. It's not that we don't love them... they simply don't fit the "concept albums"of the past or the future. They are however, quite exciting pieces of music in their own right.

15 never before heard tracks/remixes including 7 all new songs + 2 Downloadable Bonus Tracks
(including the 3 new songs that were performed at the Marillion Montreal Weekend)
- Growing Down in Brooklyn
- Someone Took My Heart Away
- Winter Solstice (instr.)
- Stranger In A Foreign Land
- Ever Be Friends
- The Darkness (instrumental track intended for The Final Breath Before November but never used)
- Sinner's Minus (instrumental track intended for The Final Breath Before November but never used)

3 songs from the original version of "The Final Breath Before November" - originally mixed by King Crimson's Lead Singer Jakko Jakszyk incl: the original and slightly longer "whispery ending" of Where Were You!
- Where Were You (14:10)
- Light Years
-  The Seventh Sign

The Longing (orchestral) - Mike Hunter originally gave us 2 mixes... a full on Rock Mix of The Longing as well as a far more orchestral version. We wound up using the "Rock Mix" for TFBBN. Hear for the 1st time what the orchestral version sounded like!

Never before released live version of A Million Miles Away from the 2013 Marillion Wolves Weekend

This is a full 80 minute album!

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pete trewavas (marillion & transatlantic)
eric blackwood
w-rick armstrong (son of 1st man on the moon neil armstrong)